Poland wants to build a Polish-Ukrainian border crossing near the Lakes of Shatsk, but Ukraine cannot support this initiative due to lack of funds, the deputy head of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, Ihor Huz, has told the CFTS portal.

"I held a meeting with Poland’s Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism Tomasz Jedrzejczak during the European Neighborhood Days between Poland and Ukraine on 6 August. Opening of the Adamchucki-Zbereze border crossing and Polish investments in construction of adequate infrastructure on Lake Svityaz and the Lakes of Shatsk were on the agenda,” Huz said.

The idea of ​​building the Adamchucki-Zbereze border crossing has been under discussion for years. Such a crossing would allow reduction of the distance from the Polish city of Wlodawa to Shatsk from 120 to 50 kilometers. However, the project also requires construction of a bridge across Western Bug River.

In the meantime, a temporary pontoon bridge is erected at the site of the future border crossing a few days per year to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the border.