KOLEO, the largest portal for sale of train tickets in Poland, has launched a Ukrainian-language version. The portal’s services are now available to passengers in six languages, the CFTS reports.

In addition to the Polish and Ukrainian languages, the portal is also available in Russian, English, German, and French.

The KOLEO team, in cooperation with the Ukrainian community in Poland, added more than 2,000 messages in the Ukrainian language to the portal. Thanks to this, the entire process of buying a train ticket – from searching for a route to payment for a ticket – can be performed in the Ukrainian language. In addition, KOLEO’s customers will be able to read information such as train timetables, distance, etc. in the Ukrainian language.

"The Ukrainian community in Poland, which uses trains in our country, is a dynamically growing group of KOLEO customers. We decided to make it easier for them to purchase tickets in our application and on the koleo.pl website. Therefore, the entire process of buying a ticket in KOLEO can already be performed in the Ukrainian language," Cuba Tchaikovsky, president of the Astarium company, which owns KOLEO, told the CFTS portal.

The KOLEO portal was launched in February 2016. KOLEO is an authorized distributor for nine rail carriers in Poland, which serve more than 80% of train passengers in the country. Polish railway companies carried 153.3 million passengers in the first half of 2017, of which POLREGIO (Przewozy Regionalne) accounted for 26.69%, Koleje Mazowieckie 21.01%, PKP SKM 13.83%, PKP Intercity 13, 27%, Koleje Dolnośląskie 2.95%, Koleje Wielkopolskie 2.72%, Koleje Małopolskie 1.85%, Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna 1.21%, and Arriva RP 0.75%. In total, 17 companies hold licenses for transportation of passengers by rail in Poland.