The Port of Gdansk plans to make itself aesthetically more attractive by creating a public space. In particular, it plans to build a new marina, which will also function as a kind of theater, from the terraces of which guests will be able to observe the movement of vessels in the port’s waters.

The central element of the project will be a grassy hill, inside which catering and information facilities will be located. Exhibitions will also be held there.

As the CFTS reported, the Port of Gdansk broke the record for cargo turnover for the fourth consecutive year in 2016, when it handled 37.28 million tons of cargo. This was almost 4% more than the volume of cargo it handled in 2015. The structure of the cargoes handled by the port has also changed significantly, with the volume of containerized cargo handled by the port exceeding the volumes of crude oil for the first time. The DCT Gdansk container terminal set the Polish record for transshipment of containerized cargo in 2016, when it handled 1.3 million TEU.