Infrastructure Minister Andrii Pyvovarskyi has announced that about UAH 14.3 billion from various sources will be spent on repair of roads – overhaul and maintenance – this year. This amount includes money from the state budget, local budgets, regional funds, surpluses resulting from exceeding customs revenue targets in several regions, and loans.

"That is, we will finally begin to get rid of the inefficient practice of patching roads. The plan is to restore more than 1,700 kilometers of roads (seven times more than in 2015). These are the roads Dnipropetrovsk-Mykolaiv, Odesa-Reni, Stryi- Chernivtsi, Kyiv-Kharkiv, Kyiv-Odesa, and Kyiv-Chernihiv- Novi Yarylovychi. The repairs of the Lviv-Radekhiv-Lutsk road in the Volyn region and the Lviv-Sambir-Uzhhorod and Zhytomyr-Chernivtsi roads will be continued. A project to improve the conditions of roads in the Lviv region is also being implemented this year. A number of roads of local and regional importance will be repaired," Pyvovarskyi wrote on his Facebook page.

He again stated the importance of creation of a road fund, into which all the revenue from the excise duty on fuel will be transferred. "According to estimates, UAH 30-40 billion this year," he said. The relevant bill has been in the parliament for several months, but deputies are not in a hurry to adopt it.

The Ivano-Frankivsk – Lviv H-09 highway was opened on March 11 following repairs. Work on it began in 2015. According to Pyvovarskyi, the contractor was selected via a transparent tender as a result of which the price was set in the 2013 hryvnia.