RegioJet, Czech carrier, sees Ukraine as one of the possible countries to expand its bus services, the company's spokesman Aleš Ondrůj commented to the CFTS portal.

"All countries neighboring to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, our home countries, have always been potential targets for opening our bus service. As for Ukraine, no concrete plans have been on table at the moment, nevertheless it is something which can change in the near future," – Aleš Ondrůj said.

RegioJet was founded by the Czech businessman Radim Jančura. The company started its railway service in Czech in April 2010, a year later it entered Slovakian market. RegioJet also has an extensive network of bus routes that covers several European countries.

As the CFTS reported earlier, LEO Express, RegioJet competitor, has launched a bus service from Kosice, Slovakia, to Mukachevo in October 2015. Therefore, Ukrainians received an opportunity to use LEO Express trains running to Prague but with a change in Kosice.

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