Seaports in continental Ukraine increased cargo handling by 4% to 142.796 million tons in 2014, compared with 2013, according to the press service of the Administration Seaports of Ukraine (ASU).

State-owned port operators under the control of the Ministry of Infrastructure, handled 48.634 million tons (34% of the total). Other port operators (mostly private) handled 94.162 million tons (66% of the total) through all berths, including 49.112 million tons (34% of the total) through the ASU’s berths.

Transshipment of export cargo increased by 8.5 percent to 103.067 million tons, transshipment of import cargo reduced by 10.3 percent to 15.932 million tons, transshipment of transit cargo reduced by 9 percent to 20.339 million tons, and transshipment of coastal cargo increased by 60.7 percent to 3.457 million tons.

Seaports handled 671,521 TEU of containers (down 14.6 percent compared with the previous year).

Compared with last year, cargo handling increased by 47.8% at the Berdyansk seaport, 12% at the Ismail seaport, 7% at the Ilyichevsk seaport, 2.5% at the Nikolayev seaport, 6.1%at the Odessa seaport, 25.3% at the Oktyabrsk seaport, 57.4% at the Ust-Dunaisk seaport, and 9.2% at the Yuzhny seaport.

Cargo traffic increased mainly due to grain (which increased 25.8% to 32.450 million tons compared with 2013), ore (7.3% to 35.327 million tons), and metal products (6.6% to 18.878 million tons).

The ASU also provided data on cargo handling in Crimean ports in the period of January-March (2.07 million tons), when they were still controlled by Ukraine. Considering these figures, the volume of cargo handling at Ukrainian seaports totaled 144.866 million tons in 2014.