In addition to Turkish-based Karpowership company, German-based Siemens Energy company has proposed docking its power ships near Ukraine’s shores.

The Ukrainian edition of the Forbes magazine has obtained a presentation to the Ukrainian government in which the German company proposed to dock its floating power plants near Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Izmail in November, the CFTS portal reports.

Siemens Energy is offering Ukraine power plants with capacities of 150-300 MW on power ships with drafts of 5 meters or more.

Liquefied natural gas, fuel oil, or biodiesel is burned to generate electricity on power ships. The vessels are connected to the onshore networks by cables.

According to Forbes Ukraine, the Ukrenerho national power company has said that it is not holding talks about floating power plants, and the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy has refused to comment on this issue. However, an official told the publication on condition of anonymity: "There were indeed talks. However, it is hypothetical for now; more like a promotion of commercial interests. So, we are being careful."

The publication notes that Ukrainian individuals currently pay UAH 1.44-1.68 per kWh and industries in the Odesa region up to UAH 10 per kWh for electricity. For comparison, electricity generated on Karpowership’s floating power plants costs the equivalent of UAH 7.64-9.55 per kWh.