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Ship Delivering Stolen Ukrainian Grain To Syria Spotted In Bosporus

45 Million Tons Of Cargo Exported To 44 Countries Through Ukrainian Maritime Corridor

An additional 108 vessels carrying more than 3 million tons of cargo are on their way to the ports.

Ukrainian Icebreaker Noosfera Concludes Third And Longest Antarctic Season

The Noosfera is expected to return to Ukraine when the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine ends.

Another Ship With Ukrainian Grain Arrives In Sudan

Ukraine continues to deliver grain to African countries even though the Russians have damaged or destroyed 215 Ukrainian port infrastructure facilities.

Japanese Engines To Be Installed On Ukrainian Ships In Austria

The process of modernization of the first vessel has already begun.

3 Ships Carrying Ukrainian Grain To Russia Through Mariupol Port Identified

Over 36 Million Tons Of Cargo Exported Via Black Sea Corridor

Of these, 25 million tons were agricultural products and about 10 million tons were mining and metal products.

65 Ships May Have Entered Occupied Port Of Mariupol In 2023

This information comes from Russian collaborators, so it should be treated with caution.

Ship Carrying Containers Enters Ukrainian Black Sea Port For First Time Since Beginning Of War

It is a feeder vessel.

Russians Use GPS Spoofing To Hide Information About Ships Near Russian And Occupied Ports

Ukrainian Icebreaker Noosfera Leaves Chilean Port For Vernadsky Research Base

The icebreaker will deliver the 29th Ukrainian Antarctic expedition to the base.

Ukrainian Maritime Corridor Begins 24-Hour Operation

This will increase transport volumes by at least 20%.

Russians Disabling Ships’ Identification Systems To Enable Smuggling Of Looted Goods From Ukrainian Ports

The occupiers are shipping looted goods out of the ports of Mariupol and Berdiansk, reloading them in their official ports, and then transporting them in other ships.

UDP Ship To Be Modernized In Austria

UDP's self-propelled vessel will receive new engines.

Kernel Acquires Third Vessel

It is a bulk carrier for transporting grain.

Shipping Insurance Facility For Ukraine’s Maritime Corridor Expanded To All Cargoes From February

Two Ships With Stolen Ukrainian Grain Stop Near Bosporus

Earlier, they were loaded in the port of Sevastopol in the Russian-occupied Crimea.

Turkish Cargo Ship Damaged In Kherson Port During Russian Attack On City

The ship was struck twice on the starboard side, as a result of which it began listing away from the dock.

26 Million Tons Of Cargo Exported Through Ukraine’s Black Sea Corridor

In total, 93% of Ukraine's agricultural products are exported through the ports of Greater Odesa and the Danube River.

Record 32 Vessels From Greater Odesa Ports Sail Through Ukrainian Maritime Corridor Over Weekend

Several ships are waiting to enter Ukrainian ports, including the 292-meter New Assimina, which will load rolled steel.

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