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Ukraine’s Noosfera Icebreaker Delivers Polish Polar Explorers To Antarctica

The ship will depart for the Ukrainian polar station after unloading equipment and disembarking the Polish polar explorers.

Lloyd's Of London To Continue Insuring Shipments Via Grain Export Corridor In 2023 Without Rate Increases

War and other insurance rates are generally expected to rise sharply across the board next year because of the conflict, natural catastrophes, and high inflation.

Ukraine’s Noosfera Icebreaker Begins New Antarctic Season

The current expedition is a joint Ukrainian-Polish expedition financed mainly by the Polish Antarctic Program.

9 Vessels Carrying 390,000 Tons Of Agricultural Products Leave Greater Odesa Ports In 2 Days

Three vessels are currently traveling through the humanitarian maritime corridor to be loaded with 93,000 tons of agricultural products in Ukrainian seaports.

Japanese Companies To Stop Insuring Ships Against War Damage In Russian Waters

Overseas reinsurance companies’ refusal to assume Russia-related risks prompted this move.

UDP’s Kilia Shipyard Repairs Kherson Motor Ship

The vessel is currently awaiting documents for the extension of its Register class for six years.

Another Vessel Carrying Ukrainian Grain Leaves Greater Odesa Ports For Libya

It joined a caravan of 5 vessels transporting 244,000 tons of agricultural products to countries in Asia and Europe.

3 Ships Carrying 78,000 Tons Of Agricultural Products Leave Greater Odesa Ports

Currently, 20 vessels are being processed in Ukrainian ports.

4 Vessels Carrying 149,000 Tons Of Agricultural Products Leave Greater Odesa Ports Under Grain Initiative

In total, 529 vessels carrying 13.2 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products to African, Asian, and European countries have left the ports of Greater Odesa since August 1.

Siemens Offers To Dock Floating Power Plants Near Odesa, Mykolaiv, And Izmail

Ukrenerho is not currently holding talks regarding floating power plants.

Another Vessel Carrying Ukrainian Wheat Leaves Greater Odesa Port For Ethiopia

The vessel is carrying 30,000 tons of wheat.

Russia Began To Re-register Vessels That Were Transporting Stolen Ukrainian Grain To Other Owners

In particular, the bulk carrier Matros Pozynych was removed from Russian registers and registered as a company in Greece.

76 Vessels Waiting For Permission To Enter Ukrainian Ports - Bratchuk

The Odesa regional military administration’s spokesperson also said that 33 loaded vessels were being readied for inspection in Turkish territorial waters.

9 UN-Chartered Vessels Depart Ukrainian Ports For Africa And Asia Under Black Sea Grain Initiative

Since the launch of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, 11.6 million tons of Ukrainian food have been exported.

Another Vessel Carrying Ukrainian Wheat Departs For Ethiopia

The UN World Food Program chartered the vessel.

12 Vessels Carrying 400,000 Tons Of Agricultural Products Leave Greater Odesa Ports In Past Two Days

The ports of Greater Odesa have received eight ships for loading in two days.

14 Vessels To Enter Greater Odesa Ports In Two Days Under Black Sea Grain Initiative

Over 270,000 tons of grain will be loaded onto the ships.

38 Vessels Repaired At UDP’s Kiliia Shipyard In 10 Months

Two vessels were repaired in October.

Second Vessel Carrying Ukrainian Grain Arrives In Algeria Under ‘Grain Initiative’

The vessel covered the distance from the port of Chornomorsk to the port of Algiers in 25 days, out of which it idled for 14 days in the Bosporus, waiting for inspection by the JCC.

The duration of the delay of vessels with Ukrainian grain in the Sea of ​​Marmara increased to 14 days

Russian representatives are sabotaging the work of the Coordination Center in Istanbul.

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