The owner of the Turkish ferry that operates between Zonguldak and Skadovsk has approved a timetable according to which the ferry will travel to Ukraine once a week until the end of 2015. The press service of the Kherson regional administration announced this in a statement, citing the Skadovsk port authority’s head Oleh Protochenko.

According to the statement, the operation of the ferry is part of the economic cooperation that is beginning between the Kherson region and the Turkish province of Mersin. The two sides signed a protocol of intent in November and plan to conclude a full agreement in 2016.

The first ferry trip on the reopened Zonguldak-Skadovsk route will take place on 9 December. According to the press service, the ferry arrived in Skadovsk with 400 tons of vegetables and citrus fruits on board.

"This is the first project within the framework of our cooperation, and it is very important for improvement of the investment climate and acceleration of business activity," the regional administration’s first deputy head Valentyna Sichova said.