"SOCAR will participate in the tender for supply of fuel to Ukrzaliznytsia if the tender is as transparent as the last one, which was won by the OKKO company," Andrei Bychkov, a representative of the Azerbaijani company, said during a roundtable on introduction of a formula for procurement of fuel at the Ukrainian House. The CFTS correspondent reported this.

As reported earlier, seven operators on the market of petroleum products participated in a tender for supply of liquid fuel, gas, and diesel to Ukrzaliznytsia on 4 June. They were Levada Oil, Perfect Trading Oil, Ukroilprodukt, Ukrtransnefteprodukt, the Digest Group, OKKO Business Contract, and VOG Aero Jet.

Bids were unsealed on live television in the presence of representatives of the participating companies. OKKO Business Contract, which offered the most affordable price for all ten lots, was declared as the winner of this transparent tender.

Bychkov also said at the roundtable that suppliers would like to avoid currency risks in the future. "Otherwise, the premium that is included in the price may be higher than what Ukrzaliznytsia would like to see. Thus, the supplier will simply play safe," he said.

The head of the Ukrzaliznychpostach state railway logistics enterprise, Yevhen Khoroschak, said that interbank quotations could not be taken into account during purchase of fuel because of the difficulty of substantiating these data to the regulatory authorities.