Activists have blocked the Kyiv-Chop highway at the branch to the Zakarpattia region, preventing trucks from Russia from passing. The blockade began on Thursday evening, the Zakarpattia Online publication reports.

The activists erected roadblocks near the village of Nyzhni Vorota.

According to the activists, the blockade will continue until their demands are met. The activists are demanding that the Zakarpattia region’s Governor Hennadii Moskal and the Zakarpattia regional council’s head Mykhailo Rivis appeal to the national parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers to temporarily ban Russian vehicles from entering the region.

According to the activists, about 50 trucks with Russian number plates were turned back on Thursday evening.

According to the Interfax Ukraine news agency, activists in the Volyn region also began preventing trucks with Russian number plates or goods produced in Russia from entering Ukraine on Friday, 12 February. One of the activists said that the blockade started at 08:00. In addition, activists have begun blocking the movement of trucks from Russia on the Kyiv-Chop highway in the Lviv region. Four trucks with Russian number plates traveling on transit to Europe were turned back during the first two hours of the blockade.

As reported earlier, Russia and Poland have failed to reach agreement on the volume of the trucking quota for this year, as a result of which trucking between the two countries was discontinued on 1 February. Russian trucks have started bypassing the territory of Poland and traveling through Slovakia, resulting in long lines on the Ukrainian-Slovakian border.