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Russian Bombardment Of Azovstal Poses Threat Of Man-Made Disaster In Sea Of Azov

A technical structure holding back tens of thousands of tons of concentrated hydrogen sulfide solution could be damaged.

Ukraine Negotiating With Poland On Complete Closure Of Polish-Belarusian Border

Ukrainian diplomats are also holding talks with Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Ukraine Loses USD 1.5 Billion In Revenue From Food Exports In 1 Month Of War

Up to 30,000 tons of Ukrainian grain products are currently exported by rail daily.

Zelenskyi Asks Norway For Anti-Ship Missiles

The president of Ukraine also requested NASAMS air defense systems.

Russia Using Mines Seized In Annexed Crimea In Black Sea - Foreign Ministry

The sea mines that were discovered off the coast of Turkey and Romania are not registered with the Ukrainian Navy.

Emirates To Continue Flying To Russia

The airline's chief executive officer said that it would continue flying to Russia as long as the state required it to fly there.

Ukraine To Set Up Panel Of Experts To Analyze International Sanctions On Russia

A panel of Ukrainian and international experts will analyze the sanctions against Russia and their effects.

Damage To Ukraine’s Infrastructure Due To Russian Invasion Estimated At USD 119 Billion

The total amount of losses inflicted on the country is estimated at USD 565 billion.

Never Too Many Sanctions: How to Ensure a Naval Blockade of Russia

Maximum restriction of Russian maritime trade can be no less painful to the aggressor country than stopping the purchase of its oil. What is already being done in this regard and what sanctions are still missing?

Container Giant MSC Continues Shipping From Russian Ports

The company has even extended the ocean route of its "banana" service from Ecuador to Russia, adding a call at St. Petersburg to the service.

Ukraine Calls On EU To Completely Cut Transport Links With Russia

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure believes it is necessary to completely cut land and sea transport links with Russia and Belarus.

Latest Data On Ukraine's Transport Infrastructure Losses Due To War Released

The damage to Ukraine’s transport infrastructure is already being estimated at almost USD 40 billion.

Large Russian Landing Ship Destroyed In Berdiansk

Russian ammunition is detonating in the port.

Russia Increases Rail Transit Through Lithuania

The Russian Railways has increased the frequency of container trains to Kaliningrad.

Russian Invaders Bomb Bridge Linking Chernihiv With Kyiv

Evacuation trips from Chernihiv and humanitarian aid to the city passed through this bridge.

Some Shipowners Continue To Cash In On Russian Exports

Grain, oil, and coal are still being transported from Russian ports.

Zelenskyi Asks Italy To Close Its Ports To Russian Ships

The president also called for support for most of the sanctions against Russia.

Breaking Out of Occupation: How We Escaped from Russian Invaders

Two weeks living in Russian-occupied Nemishaeve, near Bucha, and an escape under fire, a CFTS journalist's personal experience.

Infrastructure Ministry Asking EU To Adopt 2 Systemic Decisions That Will Block Russian Trade

According to Infrastructure Minister Kubrakov, the European Commission and most EU countries are ready to adopt these decisions.

Ukraine's Losses From Russian Invasion Already Exceeds USD 500 Billion

Ukraine will demand reparations after defeating Russia.

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