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Ukraine Imports Coal Worth USD 2.7 Billion Since Beginning Of 2018

Coal imports from Russia accounted for 62% of the total volume of imports and imports from the United States accounted for 30%.

Parliament Votes To Terminate Ukraine-Russia Friendship Treaty

The relevant bill was approved by 277 votes.

Ship Traffic Through Kerch Strait To Mariupol And Berdiansk Ports Resumes

This is indicated by data from the MarineTraffic service.

Infrastructure Ministry Sees No Reason For Number Of Ship Calls To Ukrainian Ports To Reduce Due To Martial Law

However, the period and thoroughness of inspections of ships could increase.

The incident in Kerch Strait: the positions of the participants of the conflict and the reaction of Ukraine

According to the Agreement Azov Sea and Kerch Strait are inland waters of Ukraine and Russia. Merchant vessels, as well as navy vessels, that are sailed under the flags of Russia and Ukraine have the right to proceed unhampered through Kerch Strait without the necessity to go through any permitting procedures.

Russia Imposes Sanctions On Major Ukrainian Companies

Business owners are also under the restrictions.

Ukraine And Russia Exchange Sailors Detained On Nord And YaMK-0041 Vessels

According to Ukrainian laws, all detained members of the Nord crew are citizens of Ukraine, but the exchange did take place.

Assembly Of An-148 Aircraft In Russia To Be Discontinued

Active implementation of the An-148 aircraft-manufacturing program at the Voronezh aircraft manufacturing company will now be frozen.

Ukrzaliznytsia Discloses Rail Passenger Volume between Ukraine and Russia in 2017

Currently, 13 pairs of trains operate between Ukraine and Russia

The US Kremlin List: Analysis by Cargo Volumes

The United States is threatening to impose new sanctions on Russia, and its Treasury Department has prepared a list of 210 Russian officials and oligarchs who may face prohibitions and restrictions. The new sanctions list may also affect the Ukrainian transport sector. How?

Antonov Confirms Intention To Maintain Airworthiness Of Volga-Dnepr Airlines’ An-124 Aircraft

Antonov has international obligations as the holder of the type certificate for this aircraft.

Russia Opens Railway Line Parallel To Ukrainian Border

The railway line has a total length of 137 kilometers.

Ukraine To Sue Russia For Restricting Shipping In Kerch Strait

A ban on the movement of ships will be in forcce on 3-6, 8-10, 14-21, 28-31 August, and on 1-4 September 2017

Russia Launches Container Train From China To Hungary Via Ukraine

The total travel time was about 20 days

Ukrzaliznytsia Bans Cargo Transportation And Transit In Wagons Belonging To Russia’s Largest Railway Operators

The ban was introduced on May 18.

Police Identify Transit Routes For Trucks From Russia

Russia introduced the relevant restriction on 1 January 2016

Ukraine Addresses WTO In Case Involving Transit Conflict With Russia

European Union has expressed interest in the consideration of this case

Ukraine Files WTO Complaint Against Russia Over Transit Restrictions

Russia imposed restrictions on transportation of transit goods from Ukraine

Poland To Build Sea Canal Bypassing Russia By 2021

The new canal will help to attract cargoes to the port of Elblag.

Airports Should Completely Abandon Russian Language – Omelian

Employees of airports should use the Ukrainian or English language.

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