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Russia Conducts Over 4,000 Attacks On Ukraine’s Transport Infrastructure

Russia has struck over 4,000 transport infrastructure facilities in Ukraine since the beginning of its full-scale war against the country.

Russian Railways Planning To Further Raise Freight Rates By 10%

Russian Railways is aiming to raise funds for capital investments.

Freight Cost For Vessels Transporting Russian Coal Increases 9 Times

Only 30% of the world's bulk freight is currently available to the Russian coal industry.

Russian Ports’ Cargo Turnover Unchanged In First 8 Months Of 2022

The imposition of Western sanctions did not significantly affect the total transshipment volumes in Russian ports.

Russia Exporting Petroleum Products To Europe By Sea Despite Its Ships Being Banned From Entering EU Ports

Russian crude oil is transferred onto foreign-flagged ships off the coast of Romania.

Russian Embankment In Szczecin Port Renamed Ukrainian Embankment

The decision to rename the embankment will enter into force 14 days after its announcement in the Official Gazette of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Russian Occupiers Shipping Stolen Ukrainian Grain Through Sevastopol Port

Over 100,000 tons of Ukrainian grain were exported through Sevastopol last month.

Putin Wants To Block Export Of Grain From Ukrainian Ports To EU

The aggressor country’s president to hold a consultation with Erdogan on this topic.

European Commission Officially Recommends Suspension Of Visa Facilitation Agreement With Russia

The decision will come into effect after its adoption by the European Council, which is expected this week.

Presidential Office Announces Loss Of Ukrainian Navy Boat And Minesweeper During Combat Operations

Ukraine received one of these vessels from the United States in 2019.

Volga-Dnepr Trying To Circumvent Sanctions By Changing Owner

Earlier, the company began dismissing pilots flying Boeing planes due to sanctions.

Russia May Be Exporting Crude Oil Through Egypt, Bypassing Sanctions

Russian crude oil may also be blended with Egyptian crude oil to make it difficult to establish its origin.

Russian Ports’ Cargo Turnover Almost Unchanged In First Half Of 2022, Compared With 2021

Russian seaports managed to preserve their cargo transshipment volume, thanks to cabotage cargo, ore, crude oil, fertilizers, and liquefied gas.

Russia Reverses Decision To Suspend Operation Of Terminal For Exporting Kazakh Crude Oil

Previously, the Russian Federation wanted to suspend the operation of the Black Sea terminal for a month.

Russian Occupiers Appropriate Kernel And Asket Shipping Companies’ Assets In Zaporizhia Region

Russians are using at least two ships to transport stolen grain from the Berdiansk port.

Enemy Missiles Hit Port Infrastructure In Odesa region

Four Kh-31 missiles were launched at the region.

After the liberation of Snake Island, it became possible to use the estuary of Bystre on the Danube

The first vessels have already used the restored waterway.

Ukrainian Troops Land On Snake Island

Ukrainian flags were raised on the island.

Russians Appropriate Two Foreign-Flagged Vessels In Port Of Mariupol

One of the vessels belongs to a shipping company based in the EU.

Almost 900 Russian Wagons Seized In Finland

Finland has frozen Russian and Belarusian assets worth at least EUR 82 million as part of EU sanctions.

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