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Russian Ports Increase Cargo Handling By Almost 6% In First 11 Months Of 2023 Despite Sanctions

Russian ports in the Azov-Black Sea basin increased cargo handling by 12%.

Russia Continues To Increase Flour Exports To World Markets

Russia recently admitted that the increase in its flour exports is facilitated by a decrease in flour exports from Ukraine.

Russian Ports In Azov-Black Sea Basin Increase Cargo Turnover By 17% In 10 Months Of 2023

In total, Russian ports increased cargo handling by almost 8%.

Russian Airlines' Planes Breaking Down More Often, According To Defense Intelligence Cyber Operation

About a third of the available airliners in Russia could be used as spare parts for other aircraft.

Over 1 Million Tons Of Oil Products Exported From Russian Black Sea Ports In September In Violation Of EU Embargo

During the month, 30 cases of violation of European restrictions on seaborne export of Russian crude oil were registered.

Russia Comments On Passage Of Ships Through Temporary Black Sea Corridor Established By Ukraine

The Kremlin believes this corridor has nothing to do with the prospects for reviving the Black Sea grain deal.

Kazakhstan Increases Exports To Russia By 28% In Six Months

Kazakhstan is one of the countries through which Russia receives sanctioned and dual-use goods.

Another Ship Loaded With Stolen Ukrainian Grain Leaves Mariupol Port

Ship traffic out of the port has accelerated to about one every three days.

Russian Airlines Receive Aircraft Spare Parts In 2023 Despite Sanctions

Four major Russian airlines have imported Western components worth USD 110 million for their aircraft via China and the UAE.

Alstom Remains Russian-Based Transmashholding Shareholder

The French company owns a 20% stake in the Russian manufacturer of railway rolling stock.

Russians Ship Another Batch Of Stolen Ukrainian Grain From Mariupol Port

Russian Ports’ Coal Transshipment Volume Increases By 18% Since Beginning Of 2023

In Russia, the increase in the volume of seaborne exports of coal is attributed to the redirection of shipments because of the loss of the Ukrainian and Polish markets, to which shipments were made by rail.

Russian Ports’ Freight Turnover Increases Almost 12% In January-April 2023

Sanctions are not preventing Russian ports from increasing transshipment volumes.

Poland Demands European Commission Ban Import Of Russian Agricultural Products Into EU

The European Commission has never proposed that EU countries impose sanctions on Russian farm products.

Kazakhstan Bans Delivery Of Oil Products To Russia’s Taman Port By Rail

The ban will come into effect on 8 May.

Another Russian Ship That Transported Stolen Metal Arrives In Mariupol Seaport

The Russians plan to begin transshipping stolen grain and sunflower seeds through the port in May.

Hundreds Of Russian ‘Ghost Tankers’ Appear In Gulf Of Finland, Threatening Maritime Safety

The arrival of hundreds of tankers in poor condition in the already congested Gulf of Finland has multiplied maritime and environmental safety risks.

Turkey Stops Transit Of Goods Subject To EU And US Sanctions To Russia

Transit of such goods via Turkey was stopped from 1 March.

Ship-To-Ship Transfers Of Russian Crude Oil Increase Near Gibraltar

Most of the transactions involve Chinese customers.

Maritime Exports Of Russian Crude Oil Via Black Sea Ports May Increase In January – Study

Russia was able to obtain tankers from non-European countries to transport its crude oil.

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