The Molino company (Turkey) proposed to investors a project for construction of a modern grain transshipment complex with high-speed loading of vessels during the investment forum "Prospects for Development of Ukrainian Commercial Seaports" in Odesa, the CFTS correspondent reports.

The company’s Vice President Salim Alaybeyi said that the main problem of Ukrainian ports is outdated equipment. "Production processes are slow and time is lost. Many transport companies do not want to work in Ukraine because they do not want to waste time," he said.

He proposed a project for construction of a grain terminal with capacity for simultaneous loading of two Panamax-class vessels and reception (unloading) of grain from trucks, railcars, and vessels (in the case of imports).

"The equipment allows both dry-cargo ships to be loaded at an intensity of 1,200 tons per hour, that is, a total of 2,400 tons per hour. It is easy to calculate that a Panamax can be unloaded in a single day while, at present, such vessels sometimes wait for one week in Ukraine," the representative of the Turkish company said, adding that the speed of unloading trucks and railcars is 200 tons per hour and the speed of unloading vessels is 600 tons per hour.

According to him, the project is proposed for Odesa, but it can be implemented in any Ukrainian port. The area required for its implementation is 170,000 square meters. The cost of the "turnkey" project is USD 150 million, which can be recouped in four years.

He expressed the hope that businesses would pay attention to this proposal. "We are a production company, and we need an investor to implement such a project," he said.

According to him, his company has already signed a contract for a similar project in Africa (Gambia), and it is in the process of signing a contract in Ethiopia.

The Molino company has been manufacturing food processing equipment since 1965.