At least two companies based in the United States have expressed their intention to participate in development of river navigation in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian announced this after a trip to the United States, where he held talks, the CFTS reports.

"The trip to Washington was successful... More than a dozen meetings with members of the Congress from the Republican and Democratic parties were held, negotiations were held with the leadership of the departments of transport, commerce, treasury, the State Department, and a number of American companies... General Electric and Greenbrier are ready for serious investments in the Ukrainian railway sector from this autumn and at least two U.S. companies intend to develop river navigation and build barges in Ukraine," the minister said.

As the CFTS reported, Ministry of Infrastructure recently held a conference on "Dnipro in the European Fairway" in Kyiv with the support of the embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine, during which it was stated that international organizations saw sufficient potential in transportation of goods by river.

In addition, the head of the Nibulon company has announced that the company intends to revive transportation of goods on River Desna in 2018.

Nibulon, which owns the Nibulon shipyard, plans to increase the number of ships built at the shipyard to 100 over the next four years. This will double the size of the company’s fleet of vessels compared with the current size.

In addition, the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company intends to upgrade its fleet. The company has launched a project to build barges. The project requires an investment of USD 50 million.