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U.S. Attempting To Prevent China From Buying Motor Sich - Media

Washington believes that the deal could transfer vital defense technology to Beijing.

NASA Planning To Launch Cargo To ISS On Partly Ukrainian-Made Antares Rocket In November

This will be the tenth launch of the Ukrainian rocket to the International Space Station.

U.S. Considers Ukraine Very Strong Competitor On Global Grain Market

The United States will continue supporting Ukraine although it realizes that this will increase competition for its agricultural producers

Grain Truck Drivers Becoming Scarce In U.S.

It is increasingly difficult for farmers and co-operatives to find a carrier when necessary.

American and Czech Companies Planning Aircraft Production and Modernization in Odesa

Ukroboronprom did not provide details of the agreement

The US Kremlin List: Analysis by Cargo Volumes

The United States is threatening to impose new sanctions on Russia, and its Treasury Department has prepared a list of 210 Russian officials and oligarchs who may face prohibitions and restrictions. The new sanctions list may also affect the Ukrainian transport sector. How?

Vessel Carrying 58,000 Tons Of Coking Coal From United States Docks At Chornomosrk Port

The vessel is expected to be processed at the rate of 15,000 tons per day.

Flights To New York And Toronto To Be Launched From Lviv Airport

Lviv Airport held talks with Ukraine International Airlines

US Company To Invest USD 150 Million In Production Of An-74 Aircraft In Kharkiv

The relevant agreement was reached at the 2017 Dubai Air Show

Americans May Invest In Construction Of Lviv-Chop Highway

Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure offered a few projects to the US investors

200-Meter Bulk Carrier Being Loaded With Ukraine-Bound Coal In Baltimore

The vessel is being loaded at the speed of 5,000 tons per hour.

Centrenergo’s American Coal To Be Transported Through Yuzhny Port

The first vessel will deliver 85,000 tons of coal from the United States.

Antonov Proposes Joint Development Of New An-77 Transport Aircraft With United States

An-77 can occupy a niche between the C-130 and the C-17

U.S. Airline To Launch Direct Flights To Ukraine In 2018

The minister made the announcement after negotiations with American transport companies.

Two U.S. Companies Seeking To Develop Shipping And Build Fleet In Ukraine

Two U.S. companies intend to develop build barges in Ukraine

German Airline Launching Flights From United States To Ukraine

Flights to Kyiv (with transfers) will begin on March 20

Antonov To Open Office In United States

Antonov also has a representative office in Great Britain

UIA To Expand Its Network Of Long-Haul Flights

UIA considers new routes to North America and Africa.

Ukrainian Port Authority To Introduce Cargo Targeting System

The government of the United States financed the introduction of the Cargo Targeting System under an export control and border security program.

US-Based Cargill And MV Cargo Sign Agreement On Construction Of Terminal In Yuzhny Port

Cargill and the MV Cargo company signed an agreement on purchase/sale of shares, which provides for construction of a grain terminal in Yuzhny Port.

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