UAH 3.8 billion will be spent on construction of a corvette for the Ukrainian Navy this year.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Military Portal, citing the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s budget program for 2021.

The cost of acquiring one corvette, which will be delivered in the next budget periods, will be financed with UAH 3.789 billion (about USD 137 million) in 2021.

This money will be used to finance the construction of an Ada-class corvette, which was developed in Turkey, for the Ukrainian Navy. The ceremonial laying of the vessel’s keel will take place in a few months, said Rear Admiral Oleksii Neizhpapa, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy.

"We will receive the first batch of the Mark VI boats in 2022. The corvette’s keel will be laid in a few months, and all this requires trained personnel," Neizhpapa said.

Neizhpapa did not specify where the vessel’s keel would be laid.

Ukraine entered into direct agreements with Turkish companies on technology transfer and production of corvettes and attack UAVs in December 2020. Subsequently, the Ocean shipyard (Mykolaiv) was selected by Turkey’s State Defense Concern to implement the corvette program.

The Ukrainian shipyard and the Turkish concern signed a memorandum on joint implementation of the project for the construction of corvette-class vessels for the Ukrainian Navy. The memorandum provides for conclusion of separate contracts between the two parties within clearly agreed terms and outlines specific steps for cooperation within the corvette program.