Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) added a Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft to its fleet on 18 January.

The airline told the CFTS portal that the 186-seater aircraft was manufactured in 2009. It has the registration number UR-PSV. The aircraft will be operated with a two-class cabin layout on all the airline’s medium-range routes. Commercial operation of the aircraft is scheduled to begin on one of the airline's domestic routes on Friday, 20 January.

According to UIA, the next aircraft manufactured by the Boeing concern will be added to the airline’s fleet in March this year. It will be a completely new aircraft.

As reported, UIA added nine Boeing 737 NG aircraft to its fleet in 2016, including a new aircraft that was delivered directly from the Boeing plant in Seattle. At the same time, the airline has decommissioned three Boeing 737 aircraft of the "classic" series, thus achieving a net increase of its fleet by six Boeing 737 NG aircraft.

UIA now has a fleet of 40 aircraft, including 22 Boeing 737 NG with an average age of 9.4 years. Overall, the average age of UIA’s aircraft fleet is 12.5 years.