Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has announced changes to the frequency and number of its flights to a number of destinations in the summer

In particular, the carrier is canceling Kyiv-Vinnytsia flights, the CFTS portal reports.

It plans to reduce the frequency of its flights to Athens, Istanbul, and Yerevan.

In addition, it plans to cancel some flights from Kyiv to Zaporizhia, Kherson, Ivano-Frankivsk, Baku, Minsk, Riga, Geneva, Amman, and Ankara in April, May, and June.

According to the airline, passengers affected by the changes will receive messages suggesting alternative departure dates or routes.

The airline company attributed these changes to the disruption of plans for delivery of Boeing 737 MAX airliners, which the airline planned to begin using for regular flights from mid-April.

“Due to the unforeseen circumstances that led to disruptions in delivery of the aircraft, we have been forced to make changes to the summer flight timetable that had already been drawn up. To enable passengers to reach their destinations, the UIA is reallocating its existing aircraft fleet and making all efforts to fulfil its obligations to its customers. All the changes to the timetable are reflected in booking systems. The airline guarantees performance of the flights that have not been canceled. We will promptly inform the market about any additional changes,” the UIA’s Communications Director Yevhenia Satska said.

The Kyiv-Vinnytsia flight, which is the airline’s shortest flight, was launched in March 2018.

As reported earlier, the State Aviation Service recently granted the UIA permission to operate flights on the Kyiv-Gothenburg route.