Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has begun transporting cargoes not only in the luggage compartments of its passenger aircraft, but also in their cabins, because passenger flights are currently not being operated. The first such flight was performed on April 8, when medical supplies were delivered from China to Ukraine under agreement with a commercial company. The flight was performed on a Boeing 767 aircraft.

Ukraine International Airlines announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

The airline will use Boeing 767 and Boeing 737 aircraft for this type of cargo flights. According to the statement, up to 20 tons of cargo can be transported in a Boeing 737 and up to 29 tons in a Boeing 767.

According to the airline, its aircraft fleet transported 14,205 tons of cargo in 2019. The airline has become the main carrier at the Boryspil airport.

As reported earlier, Ukraine International Airlines’ President Yevhen Dykhne announced in early April that the airline planned to begin cargo transportation in the absence of passenger flights.

Meanwhile, another Ukrainian airline, SkyUp Airlines, has already managed to perform several cargo flights. The airline’s director general said in an interview with the CFTS portal that medical goods have been transported from China and Austria and commercial cargo have been transported from Switzerland in several flights.