The average age of the aircraft fleet of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) is 13 years. UIA’s President Yurii Miroshnikov announced this during an interview with the CFTS portal.

"I counted very carefully last year: the average age of UIA’s medium-haul fleet was 11.6 years. Today, the age of the entire fleet is 13 years," Miroshnikov said.

The age of UIA’s aircraft was 14 years last year.

According to the president of UIA, age is not the determining factor; the most important thing is the environment in which aircraft operate. "The main thing in an airplane is not age but how it is operated and how it is technically maintained. This is what is really important, and that is what we use as our cornerstone," Miroshnikov said.

That notwithstanding, the head of UIA said that the airline would renew its aircraft fleet not only in terms of age, but also in terms of model range. In particular, the airline will get rid of the previous-generation aircraft models. "We have set ourselves a principle: gradually get rid of the ‘classics.’ I have said that will take delivery of nine airplanes this year, but there will be -2 airplanes. The net effect will be +7 airplanes. These are all new-generation airplanes, various ages, but all Boeing-737-800 of the new generation," said Miroshnikov.

As CFTS reported, Miroshnikov previously spoke about the promising destinations that will allow UIA to leverage the transit status of Ukraine.