The chairman of the supervisory board of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), Aron Mayberg, listed the 10 steps that will allow citizens of Ukraine to obtain relatively cheap plane tickets at a press conference in Kiev on Tuesday, 7 July, the CFTS correspondent reports.

Firstly, according to him, it is necessary to abolish the requirement to sell 75% of foreign-currency earnings and it is necessary to bring Ukraine’s customs regulations in line with European standards.

"For example, at the Boryspil airport, we load alcohol and food for serving to passengers. We have no right to take it back. We have to destroy everything. The process of destruction is beneficial to someone, but it is savagery. Moreover, we ourselves do not have the right to dispose of it; there is a company that engages in this," Mayberg said.

In addition, according to him, it is necessary to introduce a zero rate of VAT for air transport operators and abolish the import duty on spare parts and equipment for aircraft that are not produced in Ukraine.

"Introduce a system of incentives for airlines that is similar to the one that exists in the EU. Lower the lending rate to 5% for airlines. Introduce a preferential rate for domestic flights. Introduce rules for transporting passengers and luggage that are in accordance with European standards," said Mayberg, listing the next steps for reforming the industry.

He also believes that it is necessary to lift the restrictions on flights over the territories of Ukraine and Russia by Russian and Ukrainian airlines. "This misunderstanding began on the Russian side. It is leads to the fact that we are forced to bypass Russia when performing all our flights to the east. Now, Russian airlines are already crying that this problem needs to be solved because they are also losing a lot by bypassing Ukraine. But we have not yet been able to find understanding on this issue on the part of the Ukrainian authorities," said Mayberg.