The heads of the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE) and the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) signed an agreement on sharing radar data in Warsaw on 21 February, UkSATSE has announced.

"Mutual exchange of data from radar systems will increase the level of flight safety in the Lviv district control center’s zone of responsibility and in the southeastern part of the European airspace, where Polish air traffic controllers control air traffic," UkSATSE’s Director Dmytro Babiichuk said.

In accordance with the agreement, UkSATSE will provide PANSA information from the ATCR-33S/SIR-S radar system, which is located in Lviv, while PANSA will provide UkSATSE data from the single-pulse radar installed in Rzeszow. The agreement also defines the rules of information exchange, data quality parameters, and the method of verifying them.

The exchange of radar data is scheduled to begin in May 2017.

According to the head of both agencies, the fact that Ukraine and Poland are neighbors and their strategic locations offer broad opportunities for deepening the mutually beneficial partnership between the two providers of air-traffic control services, particularly opportunities to share experiences in the area of implementation of the "Single European Sky" project.