Ukraine has become the leading exporter to the European Union among countries of the Eastern Partnership. The European Union’s Delegation to Ukraine announced this in a statement, citing Eurostat data, RBK Ukraine reports.

According to the report, 42% (or EUR 13.8 billion) of all the European Union’s imports from countries of the Eastern Partnership comes to Ukraine. This figure was EUR 8.5 billion in 2004.

Thus, the European Union has had a trade surplus with Ukraine over the past ten years, and the trade surplus in 2014 was EUR 3.4 billion.

The European Union imported agricultural raw materials worth a total of nearly EUR 6.8 billion from Ukraine: food and drinks worth EUR 2.5 billion, raw materials worth EUR 3.21 billion, and energy worth over EUR 1 billion.

Regarding the European Union’s exports, Ukraine also ranks first with 52% (or EUR 17.1 billion) of the European Union’s total exports to Eastern Partnership countries. Ten years ago, in 2004, the European Union’s exports to Ukraine totaled nearly EUR 10.6 billion.