Ukraine is ranked 80th among the 160 countries in the World Bank’s 2016 Logistics Performance Index, down down 19 places compared with the 2014 index.

Ukraine has a total logistics performance score of 2.74, compared with 2.98 in 2014. This makes Ukraine one of the top 10 highest ranked among countries below medium income.

As in 2014, Germany has the highest total logistics performance score of 4.23 points). Ukraine’s total logistics performance score is 46.2% lower than that of Germany.

Luxembourg made the most impressive gain in the ranking, rising to second (with 4.22 points) from eighth in the 2014 ranking. Sweden rose from sixth to third with 4.20 points, the Netherlands dropped two positions to fourth with 4.19 points, and Singapore remains unchanged in fifth with 4.14 points.

Belgium, Austria, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the United States complete the top 10. The biggest improvement in the top 10 was made by Austria, which improved its total logistics performance score by 0.45 points to rise 15 positions in the ranking.

Among the former Soviet republics, Lithuania is ranked first (29th overall), followed by Estonia (38th), and Latvia (43rd). Next are Kazakhstan (77th), Ukraine, Moldova (93rd), Russia (99th), Uzbekistan (118th), Belarus (120th), Georgia (130th), Turkmenistan (140th), Armenia (141st), Kyrgyzstan (146th), and Tajikistan (153rd). Azerbaijan is not included in the ranking. 

The country with the lowest total logistics performance score is Syria, which has been at war for several years. Its score of 1.6 points is 18.5% of Germany’s score.