Ukraine imported petroleum products (customs tariff code 2710) worth a total of USD 756.182 million in the period of January-March 2015, including USD 275.664 million in March, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports, citing data from the State Fiscal Service.

It imported fuel worth USD 381.612 million from Belarus, USD 158.088 million from Russia, USD 64.227 million from Lithuania, and USD 152.255 million from other countries in January-March.

In addition, Ukraine exported petroleum products worth a total of USD 37.128 million in January-March this year. These included petroleum products worth USD 15.831 million to Cyprus, USD 5.573 million to Italy, USD 2.891 million to Ireland, and USD 12.833 million to other countries.

The customs tariff code 2710 covers not only gasoline and diesel fuel, but also fuel oil, jet fuel, and a number of other specific products.

At the same time, Ukraine did not import crude oil (customs tariff code 2709) in January-March 2015, but it exported crude oil worth USD 1.527 million to Lithuania.

As reported, Ukraine increased imports of petroleum products by 4.4 percent (worth USD 279.969 million) to USD 6.698 billion in 2014, including USD 3.107 billion from Belarus, USD 1.222 billion from Russia, USD 890.986 million from Lithuania, and USD 1.478 billion from other countries.