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Orlen Revives Plans To Build Oil Pipeline Connecting Odesa And Gdańsk Ports

Orlen’s management has revived the suspended Odesa - Brody - Płock - Gdańsk oil pipeline project.

Kazakhstan Bans Delivery Of Oil Products To Russia’s Taman Port By Rail

The ban will come into effect on 8 May.

Russia Resorting To Murky Measures To Export Oil Products For Manufacturing Plastics

Exporters of Russian oil products are inventing new schemes to circumvent sanctions.

Russia Exports Record Volume Of Crude Oil Through Black Sea Ports in March

The lion's share was exported to Asian and African countries.

India To Buy More Russian Crude Oil

India significantly increased its imports of Russian crude oil after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

ADM’s Oilseed Processing Plant Resumes Operation In Chornomorsk Port

The company was forced to suspend the operations of the plant and its port terminal in Odesa in February 2022.

Hundreds Of Russian ‘Ghost Tankers’ Appear In Gulf Of Finland, Threatening Maritime Safety

The arrival of hundreds of tankers in poor condition in the already congested Gulf of Finland has multiplied maritime and environmental safety risks.

Ship-To-Ship Transfers Of Russian Crude Oil Increase Near Gibraltar

Most of the transactions involve Chinese customers.

Maritime Exports Of Russian Crude Oil Via Black Sea Ports May Increase In January – Study

Russia was able to obtain tankers from non-European countries to transport its crude oil.

Kernel Acquires Oil Terminal In Pivdennyi Port

The terminal has a storage capacity of almost 50,000 tons of sunflower oil.

3 Greek Tankers Violate EU Embargo On Imports Of Crude Oil From Russia By Sea

About 270,000 tons of Russian crude oil thus arrived in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Greece, an EU member state.

Oil Tankers Pile Up In Bosporus Due To Insurance Verification

Turkey is demanding new proof of insurance because of the EU’s embargo on imports of Russian crude oil by sea.

Restrictions On EU Imports Of Russian Oil By Sea Enter Into Force Today

Restrictions on such imports apply in case of non-compliance with the "price ceiling" for the purchase of Russian oil.

Agreement With Bulgaria Will Allow Russian-Based Lukoil To Bypass EU Embargo

The Russian company could take advantage of Bulgaria's exclusive right to import Russian crude oil by sea.

British Petroleum Remains ‘Shadow’ Rosneft Shareholder - Sechin

The British company allegedly retains all its shareholder rights in the Russian company.

Russia Attacks Oil Terminal In Mykolaiv

The resulting fire at the facility was extinguished promptly.

Turkey Earns Over USD 2.5 Billion From Export Of Petroleum Produced From Russian Crude Oil

A sharp increase in the import of Russian crude oil by Turkey was observed in the first half of this year.

Russia Exporting Petroleum Products To Europe By Sea Despite Its Ships Being Banned From Entering EU Ports

Russian crude oil is transferred onto foreign-flagged ships off the coast of Romania.

Ukraine Has Potential To Export 70 Million Tons Of Grain And Oil Crops In 2022/2023 Fiscal Year

About 25 million tons of grain have already been harvested.

Tankers Enter Ukrainian Port For Loading With Oil For First Time Since Beginning Of War

Two vessels have entered the Odesa port for loading for the first time since February 24.

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