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Expert: Russia Circumvents Sanctions By Selling Crude Oil To Turkey, Which Exports It To EU

This generates billions of dollars in profit for Russia.

Russia’s Oil And Gas Revenues Increase 82% In January-April 2024

Despite Western sanctions, Russia continues to reap super profits from oil exports.

Missile Strike Destroys 10 Oil Reservoirs In Port Of Pivdennyi

Over 10,000 tons of vegetable oil were destroyed in the reservoirs.

CPC’s Terminal In Novorossiysk Ships 21 Million Tons Of Crude Oil Since Beginning Of 2024

By the end of the year, the Russians expect to ship 70 million tons of crude oil, which is significantly more than they shipped in 2022.

Russia’s Seaborne Oil Exports Increase To Highest Level In 2024

Improved weather in the Far East facilitated the increase in Russia’s crude oil exports.

More Than 11 Million Tons Of Russian Crude Oil Shipped To EU Countries In Violation Of Embargo

Almost 70% of this amount was transshipped off the coast of Greece, but there were also direct ship calls at European ports.

One-Third Of Russian Crude Oil Transported By Tankers Insured In Britain - CREA

China And India Largest Importers Of Russian Crude Oil In 2023

Deliveries of crude oil from Russia to Europe decreased tenfold.

Over 1 Million Tons Of Oil Products Exported From Russian Black Sea Ports In September In Violation Of EU Embargo

During the month, 30 cases of violation of European restrictions on seaborne export of Russian crude oil were registered.

Russia Establishes New Hub For Ship-To-Ship Transfers Of Crude Oil Near Suez Canal

A new hub for ship-to-ship transfers is emerging in Egyptian territorial waters.

Russia Doubles Sunflower Oil Exports To India

India is the world’s largest importer of vegetable oil and traditionally one of the largest markets for Ukrainian sunflower oil.

Danish Straits Could Be Closed To Russian Oil Exports

The passage of tankers carrying Russian crude oil may be restricted for safety reasons or because of a lack of European insurance.

Insurance Companies Raising Premiums For Black Sea Tankers Carrying Russian Oil

The Ukrainian attacks on a Russian warship in the port of Novorossiysk and a tanker near the Kerch Strait have highlighted the vulnerability of Russia's Black Sea trade.

In May, Four Tankers With Russian Oil Products Entered EU Ports Directly

Another such vessel called at a port in the United States.

The "Mostyska" Terminal Was Equipped With Pumping Stations For Transshipment Of Vegetable Oil

Number Of Violations Of EU Embargo By Tankers Carrying Russian Crude Oil Increasing

Tankers from Russia were even seen calling at European ports in May despite the EU ban.

Orlen Revives Plans To Build Oil Pipeline Connecting Odesa And Gdańsk Ports

Orlen’s management has revived the suspended Odesa - Brody - Płock - Gdańsk oil pipeline project.

Kazakhstan Bans Delivery Of Oil Products To Russia’s Taman Port By Rail

The ban will come into effect on 8 May.

Russia Resorting To Murky Measures To Export Oil Products For Manufacturing Plastics

Exporters of Russian oil products are inventing new schemes to circumvent sanctions.

Russia Exports Record Volume Of Crude Oil Through Black Sea Ports in March

The lion's share was exported to Asian and African countries.

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