The Ukrainian Ministry of Economy has announced that Ukraine’s exports increased by 32% to 9.66 million tons in September 2022, compared with August, the CFTS portal reports.

According to the ministry, the volume of Ukrainian products exported abroad amounted to 7.29 million tons in August.

"Ukrainian exports since the beginning of the war grew to a record volume in September. The volume of Ukrainian exports in monetary terms increased by over 23% in the first month of autumn, compared with August this year," the ministry said.

According to the ministry, Ukrainian enterprises exported products worth USD 4.144 billion last month.

"For comparison, this figure was USD 3.363 billion in August. This is the best result since February 2022," the ministry added.

The ministry emphasized that the war and the blockade of Ukrainian ports has distorted the logistics chains for Ukrainian domestic exports. For example, according to the ministry, corn exports totaled only 157,000 tons in September last year, which is 13 times less than in September this year. This was because last year's corn harvest was not exported on time because of the blockade of Ukrainian ports, and its export is now delayed. This creates additional pressure on logistics and prices, the ministry said.