The Ukrainian-crewed New Leo general cargo ship was disabled in the Aegean Sea in the morning on December 4 while traveling from Elevsis (Greece) to Gemlik (Turkey).

This is stated in a report by the UNN publication, which cited the Maritime Bulletin.

"Caught in rough seas, the ship experienced heavy pitching and rolling, which caused cargo shift and subsequently, heavy list. The ship issued a distress signal. The Greek Coast Guard and Navy jointly carried out a rescue operation, 14 crew, all Ukrainians, were airlifted to safety, according to Greek and Ukrainian sources," the report states.

"The crew of the vessel, who are citizens of Ukraine, have been rescued saved. The consul is in contact with the Coast Guard of the island of Skyros and local competent authorities," the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

According to the report, the ship’s condition is unknown. It was already distressed as of 0500 UTC on December 4 and might still be afloat.

According to Marine Traffic, the tugs Pantocrator, Apollon, and Vernicos Sifnos were towing the New Leo vessel to Psara Island as of of 1230 UTC on December 5.

The New Leo is a general cargo ship built in 1997. It flies the flag of Liberia and has a deadweight of 5,820 tons.

As reported, the Moldovan-flagged Delfi tanker ran aground and partially sank near a beach in Odesa at the end of November. The local media filmed the rescue operation for the tanker’s crew.