The average monthly salary of employees of the Ukrainian Railways joint-stock company (Ukrzaliznytsia) was UAH 11,681 in November 2020.

Ukrzaliznytsia announced this in response to a request from the CFTS portal.

According to data obtained from Ukrzaliznytsia, the average monthly salaries by profession are as follows:

UAH 19 318 for a locomotive driver;

UAH 13,603 for a fireman;

UAH 16,094 for drivers of multiple-unit rolling stock;

UAH 11,877 for a firemen on multiple-unit rolling stock;

UAH 12 551 for train compilers;

UAH 12,011 for track fitters;

UAH 16,303 for roadmasters;

UAH 17,612 for bridge and tunnel foremen;

UAH 11,998 for overhead electricians;

UAH 10,098 for traction substation electricians.

The average salary at Ukrzaliznytsia has practically not changed since March this year, when it was UAH 11, 660. according to data from Ukrzaliznytsia, the average salary at the company was UAH 12,435 as of September 2019. The salaries of railway workers averaged UAH 11,324 in June last year.