The trains No. 35/36 Odesa-Przemysl and No. 753/754 Kovel-Chelm were added to the list of trains for which tickets can be purchased online on March 5, the CFTS portal reports, citing the Ukrainian Railways public joint-stock company (Ukrzaliznytsia).

"We are launching online sale of tickets for the international trains No. 36/35 Odesa-Przemysl and No. 753/754 Kovel-Chelm. The option is available from March 5. This is a convenient and popular service among passengers. Statistics shows that passengers buy over 40% of tickets online. Unfortunately, this option is not being introduced as quickly as we would like due to technical and bureaucratic issues. However, we have a clear goal: online sale of tickets for all international trains, and we continue to work in this direction," Ukrzaliznytsia’s acting Board Chairman Yevhen Kravtsov said.

Online sale of tickets for the international trains Nos. 705/706 and 715/716 Kyiv-Przemysl and No. 751/752 Zdolbuniv-Chelm was introduced in 2017.

Tickets for all domestic trains (including regional trains) can be purchased online. For international trains to CIS countries, passengers can process and pay for tickets online and later receive order forms by e-mail. The order forms can then be exchanged for regular tickets at railway ticket offices.

As the CFTS reported, "waiting lists" for train tickets are expected to be introduced on Ukrzaliznytsia’s website in 2018.

In addition, tickets for international and domestic bus services are already available at five railway stations in Ukraine.