The first planned increase of train ticket prices of 2018 will take place in April. Ticket prices will be raised by 10%, said Andrii Riazantsev, the director of economics and finance at the Ukrainian Railways public joint-stock company (Ukrzaliznytsia), the CFTS reports.

"We plan to start the first phase of 10% increase of train ticket prices around April 1. We will spend the proceeds on development of passenger infrastructure. We are currently purchasing passenger cars manufactured by a domestic manufacturer. Modernization of wagons is proceeding at a sufficiently rapid pace. We are investing in development of rolling stock," Riazantsev said.

He said that Ukrzaliznytsia’s proceeds from the ticket price increase would go into a special investment account, from where it would be used to finance improvement of passenger transport quality.

According to Riazantsev, the last time Ukrzaliznytsia raised passenger fares was in 2014. "Since then, the consumer price index has risen by at least 60-70% and utility prices and the cost of other services have increased 4-6 times. The prices of all the other goods needed by the railway have increased substantially," he said.

He emphasized that the cost of train tickets would remain competitive compared with prices of bus tickets.

Ukrzaliznytsia changes ticket prices several times per year. Ticket prices vary depending on season: the greater the demand for transportation, the higher the price of tickets. Usually, the price is increased/reduced by a coefficient of 1.02-1.1. Ticket prices are highest in the summer. They are more expensive only in the period from 25 to 30 December, when a coefficient of 1.1 is used. Ticket prices are lowest on May 9, when a 20% discount is granted.