The Osauhing Delantina company intends to acquire 28.67 million shares (25% of the share capital) in the Kryukovsky Railcar Building Works (Kremenchug, Poltava region), which is one of the leading railcar manufacturers in Ukraine, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

According to official reports, Osauhing Delantina currently does not own shares in the Kryukovsky Railcar Building Works.

Osauhing Delantina’s registration information states that the company was established in Tallinn (Estonia) in June 2013 with a capital of EUR 2,500. Its e-mail address is in the domain.

According to the latest information from the National Commission on Securities and the Stock Market, 28.670 million shares in the company (25% of its share capital) was owned by OW Capital Management GmbH (Austria), which is 100% controlled by Stanislav Gamzalov, the board chairman of the Russian railcar manufacturer Metal Structure Factory (Saratov region), as of the beginning of this year. Skinest Finants (Estonia) owned 25.15% of the shares in the company (28.843 million shares), Estonian-based Osauhing Divinta (LLC Divinta) owned 14.5178%, and Transbuilding Service Limited owned 24.9379%.

The Kryukovsky Railcar Building Works is the only company in the CIS with a well-established and active production of two types of railcars - passenger and freight cars. In general, it produces flat cars, tank cars, bunker-type cars, gondola cars, passenger cars, spare parts and trucks for freight cars, wheel pairs, subway cars and escalators and spare parts for them, containers, and road construction machinery.

The Kryukovsky Railcar Building Works increased production of freight cars by 2.4% to 11,005 and passenger cars 2.5-fold to 69 in 2012, compared with 2011. At the same time, the company reduced production of freight cars by 32% to 4,473 and increased production of passenger cars by 22% to 55 in January-July 2013, compared with the same period of 2012.

As reported, the Kryukovsky Railcar Building Works and the Kirov Plant (Russia) signed a memorandum on creation of a joint venture for production of trains, railcars, trams, escalators, and containers for transportation of bulk cargo in July.