The Administration of the Ukrainian Seaports has approved a transparent procedure for accessing port infrastructure and a mechanism for responding to complaints from potential investors. The administration’s head Yurii Vaskov announced this at a press conference in Odessa, the correspondent of the Center for Transport Strategies portal reports.

A single, unified mechanism for concluding contracts with counterparties and accessing strategic port infrastructure is being introduced at all ports from now on. Among these facilities, Vaskov listed harbors, hydraulic engineering installations (canals, docks, piers, dams, etc.), as well as railways and roads. This mechanism was developed together with the heads of all the port authorities.

"We are obliged to ensure equal access to these facilities and prevent discrimination," said the head of the administration. The administration has introduced a feedback mechanism to ensure proper implementation of this procedure. A telephone hotline has been installed at the central control room of the administration to collect information about all complaints and cases of dissatisfaction among potential investors caused by poor performance by the administration, as well as information about the operations of other actors on the territories of ports that limit the rights of potential investors in one way or another.

As reported, the Administration of the Ukrainian Seaports began operation on June 13 this year

The Ministry of Infrastructure approved the management of the administration on June 18.