Construction, upgrading, rehabilitation and operation of infrastructure facilities, meeting the basic needs of the population, are strategically important, as they relate to basic services such as transport, housing and unities, education, health care, etc. 

The transport sector in Ukraine currently lacks a sound basis for transport infrastructure cycle management. This deficiency should be alleviated by a fundamental reform of the infrastructure construction cycle, including planning/approval/procurement/implementation/maintenance and application of legislative, administrative, operational and organizational improvements. 

The reform aims to create an effective transport system in Ukraine, meet people's need for safe and affordable transportation, improve conditions for private sector participation in the sector, facilitate the integration of the Ukrainian transport network with the Trans-European Transport Network.

To support these changes, a Strategy and Action Plan for reforming the infrastructure project cycle management in Ukraine was developed under the leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure with the support of the European Union. 

Watch, for more details the interview with Ebby Adhami from the EU funded project “Assistance to the Ukrainian Authorities for the improvement of the Infrastructure Project Cycle Management - IPCM”.