Currency regulation is the biggest issue that can prevent the Wizz Air Ukraine airline from re-launching operations, the Wizz Air airline’s Chief Executive Officer József Váradi told the publication, the CFTS portal reports. In addition, according to him, there are other issues that Wizz Air prefers to resolve before returning to the Ukrainian market under the Wizz Air Ukraine brand.

"We have not yet made a final decision. We are studying the conditions and discussing the possibility of meeting them. The most important problem for us in Ukraine is currency regulation. It was the main reason why we ended the operation of Wizz Air Ukraine. We should be able to move currency freely. We should not forget that most of the expenditures in the aviation business are in hard currency. We buy planes and jet fuel in dollars," Váradi said.

In addition, according to him, there are other essential nuances for a carrier in Ukraine, such as the tax system and bringing the licensing of passenger or cargo transportation by air into compliance with American or European flight safety standards, which is so far happening only at the legislative level.

"We want to see its implementation. Solution of these problems will give us reason to believe that we will not face the same problems that we faced in the past," he said.

As reported, Wizz Air announced its intention to resume the operation of its Ukrainian subsidiary during a meeting with Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko on November 21.