The best aspect of logistics in Ukraine is “Timeliness” of delivery and the worst aspect is “Customs.” This is indicated in data from the World Bank's 2016 Logistics Performance Index (LPI), in which Ukraine is ranked 80th out of 160 countries.

In terms of timeliness, which the World Bank defines as the frequency with which shipments reach consignees within scheduled or expected delivery times, Ukraine is ranked 54th with 3.51 points. Luxembourg is the highest ranked country with 4.80 points.

The situation involving “Tracking and tracing,” which the World Bank defines as the ability to track and trace consignments, is relatively good. Ukraine is ranked 61st with 2.96 points. The leader in this respect is Sweden, which scored 4.38 points.

Ukraine is ranked 95th in international cargo shipments with a score of 2.59 points and ranked 95th in logistic competence with 2.55 points. The leader in international cargo shipments is Luxembourg with 4.24 points and the leader in logistic competence is Germany with 4.28 points.

Ukraine is ranked 84th for quality of trade and transport infrastructure with the score of 2.49 points. The leader in this area is Germany with 4.44 points.

In the area of efficiency of customs and border management clearance, Ukraine is ranked 130th with 2.30 points. The leader in this area is Singapore with 4.18 points.

The World Bank also issued aggregated LPI based on the LPI for 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016. In the aggregated LPI, the four previous years’ scores in each component were given weights: 6.7 percent for 2010, 13.3 percent for 2012, 26.7 percent for 2014, and 53.3 percent for 2016. Ukraine scored 2.81 points in this aggregated LPI, ranking 74th out of 167 countries. 

As reported, Ukraine has a total score of 2.74 in the 2016 LPI, dropping 19 places in the LPI ranking compared to the 2014 LPI.