The Yuzhny seaport has launched the operation of an information display panel with a video surveillance system with the aim of improving its facilities for monitoring navigation in the port’s waters, the press service of the port said in a statement.

"The system allows the dispatcher to observe ship traffic in the port’s waters and approaches to the port in real time, as well as to monitor the progress of implementation of the plan for mooring operations," chief dispatcher Oleksandr Kovaliuk is quoted as saying.

The video surveillance system allows the dispatcher to monitor objects at a distance of four kilometers, displays video signals on the shift supervisor’s monitors with the ability to display video from any camera on a television panel, and displays the window of a program for determining the locations of vessels on a monitor or television panel.

In addition, it allows control of the movement and operation of a camera from several workspaces and set priorities. It also allows archiving of video footage, expansion of the system, viewing of video in night mode without infrared illumination, and more.