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Transaero ‘Forgets’ Its Flight Attendant In Los Angeles

"I am going on a hunger strike. I will sit here, from where Aeroflot takes off," he said. The hunger strike lasted one day.

Transaero Pays Part Of Its Debt To Kiev Airport

Transaero’s debt to the Kiev airport amounted to USD 649,254 as of 23 September 2015.

Cabinet Bans Sanctioned Russian Airlines From Flying To Ukrain

The government also banned Russian airlines from operating transit flights over the territory of Ukraine

Russia Doubts Ukraine’s Sanctions Against Airlines Will Affect Direct Flights

According to the expert, the Ukrainian sanctions on Russian airlines will most likely affect transit flights.

Transaero Starts Operating Low-Cost Flights To Ukrainian Cities

On January 14, the first day of launch of its new low-cost product called Discount Class, the airline company carried about 5,000

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