A flight attendant with the Transaero airline was left stranded in Los Angeles after his flight to Moscow was canceled. On 23 October, the Transaero flight attendant contacted the Aeroflot airline, which took over the canceled flight’s passengers, but the largest Russian airline refused to offer him a seat, tmc-agent.ru reports.

Vitaly Atayev-Troshin was due to travel on the canceled flight on a corporate ticket with an SA status - this means that the airline employee could occupy any free seat in the cabin. Flight 558, like many others, was canceled, and Aeroflot assumed the obligation to transport the flight’s passengers.

"I asked to be sent home, I have a ticket for an airline employee, but I was told that it was not a ticket and that everything should be resolved through Transaero," he said in a video appeal.

The flight attendant was unable to reach Transaero by telephone. "I am going on a hunger strike. I will sit here, from where Aeroflot takes off," he said. The hunger strike lasted one day. "I eventually managed to fly. Someone telephoned someone at the last second, and I am already in Moscow," the flight attendant said.