The Kiev (Zhulyany) international airport continues to provide services to the Transaero airline (Russia) because the airline has paid part of its debt to the airport in accordance with the payment schedule.

The press service of the airport told the Interfax Ukraine news agency that the company was due to pay its debt of USD 127,485 for July by 28 September and did so.

In addition, the company owes USD 319,337 for the services provided by the airport in August and must pay this debt in two tranches – by 5 and 12 October, respectively.

Transaero also owes the airport USD 202,432 for September and must pay this debt in two tranches – by 19 and 26 October.

Transaero’s debt to the Kiev airport amounted to USD 649,254 as of 23 September 2015.

According to the airport, the airport will be forced to suspend provision of services to Transaero if the airline fails to pay the debts in accordance with the proposed schedule.

Transaero is the second largest airline in Russia by transport volume. Its main shareholders are Alexander Pleshakov and Olga Pleshakova.

The Kiev international airport is the fifth largest airport by passenger traffic in Ukraine.