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Grain Initiative Should Be Revived Not By Catering To Russia's Whims - Foreign Ministry

Ukraine is insisting on the establishment of an alternative corridor.

Russia Comments On Passage Of Ships Through Temporary Black Sea Corridor Established By Ukraine

The Kremlin believes this corridor has nothing to do with the prospects for reviving the Black Sea grain deal.

A Month Without a Deal

Pope Calls On Russia To Renew Grain Deal

This will help save hungry people in the poorest countries.

Piracy In Black Sea: Russian Military Threatens Foreign Merchant Ship

Ukrainian border guards intercepted a conversation in an open communication channel between the Russian occupiers and a vessel passing near one of Ukraine's seaports.

Russia Attacking Ukrainian Ports To Undermine Efforts To Reopen Grain Corridor - NSDC

The National Security and Defense Council is calling for the resumption of the grain corridor’s operation under international security guarantees.

Ukraine To Consider Vessels Sailing To Russian Ports As Carriers Of Military Cargo

This also applies to vessels sailing to Ukrainian seaports in the territories temporarily occupied by Russia.

Turkish Navy Could Ensure Freedom Of Navigation In Black Sea - Opinion

This would allow Ukrainian ports to be unblocked fully, which would have a positive impact on the economy.

Zelenskyi Comments On Russia's Withdrawal From Black Sea Grain Deal

The Ukrainian president said it is necessary to continue implementing the grain initiative even without Russia.

Russia Announces Termination Of Black Sea Grain Deal

Russian presidential spokesperson Peskov said the Black Sea Grain Initiative was no longer in effect.

Turkish President Says Russia Has Agreed To Extend Black Sea Grain Deal

Erdogan said the deal would be extended beyond its current expiration date of 17 July through the efforts of the UN and Turkey.

Hungary Proposes Expanding Black Sea Grain Deal To 5 Ukrainian Ports

Hungary wants less Ukrainian grain to be transported through its territory.

Black Sea Grain Initiative Helped Reverse Spiking Global Food Prices - UN

The UN would like the Black Sea Grain Initiative to be extended.

NATO Can Ensure Navigation Safety And Operation Of Grain Corridor In Black Sea - Opinion

According to an expert, three countries - Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey - could ensure the safety of navigation in the Black Sea.

Defense Ministry Not Yet Allowing Ships To Enter Ports Outside Framework Of Black Sea Grain Deal

Despite this, all the entities on which the operations of deep-sea ports outside the framework of the grain corridor depend are working on the issue.

Russian Foreign Ministry Suggests Black Sea Grain Deal Will Be Terminated On 18 July

Russia Says No Chance Of Extending Grain Deal

Russia sees no prospects for its operation.

Russia Allows Only 2 Ships To Enter Ukrainian Ports Via Grain Corridor Since 4 June

Currently, 67 vessels are awaiting inspection in Turkish territorial waters.

No Vessels Inspected Under Black Sea Grain Initiative Since Beginning Of June

Vessels traveling to or from Ukrainian seaports are not being inspected.

Black Sea Grain Initiative Suspended Again: Russia Blocks Registration Of Ships Bound For All Ukrainian Ports

The JCC has announced that it was impossible to draft an inspection plan because of the Russian delegation’s latest groundless refusal to register inbound vessels for participation in the Grain Initiative.

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