The minimum cost of rebuilding the granaries that were destroyed as a result of Russia’s military aggression is estimated at USD 1.06 billion, according to a report by the KSE Institute, an analytical center at the Kyiv School of Economics.

The report covers the period from 24 February to 1 September 2022.

"The total storage capacity of the destroyed granaries is up to 6.5 million tons of products and the storage capacity of the damaged granaries exceeds 2.9 million tons," the report states.

According to the report, this estimate is based on “indirect methods,” statistical data, and certain assumptions, particularly regarding the extent of damage in the areas where fighting is continuing (because of which physical inspections are limited by hazards such as landmines) or occupied by Russia. 

"Average values calculated based on data from the State Statistics Service, the relevant government ministries, ProZorro tenders, etc., and factors adjusting for the extent of damage to facilities are used to determine the values of damaged and/or destroyed assets. Data from financial statements that are current as of the last available date are used to calculate the values of damaged or destroyed assets of large commercial entities and identified institutions," the report states.