The loading of 203,000 tons of iron-ore concentrate onto the XANADU vessel was completed at the Yuzhny seaport on December 9. The capsize-class bulk carrier will deliver the cargo to China. The vessel has a draft of 18.4 meters, the Yuzhny seaport said.

"The XANADU vessel became one of the record holders in terms of the volume of cargo loaded at the seaport in 2017. It was processed in less than seven days. The cargo turnover of the Yuzhny seaport since the beginning of the year totals 11.04 million tons, including 7.2 million tons of iron-ore concentrate," the Yuzhny seaport’s acting Director Vitalii Zhukovskyi said.

In addition, the Yuzhny seaport has processed 28 large-tonnage vessels with imported coal for thermal power plants since the beginning of this year.

The largest ship was loaded at the Yuzhny seaport in 2015, when 203,590 tons of cargo was loaded onto the Newcastlemax-class vessel Mineral Edo.