Ukrainians have made more than 33 million trips to the European Union and the Schengen zone in the two years since the introduction of visa-free travel between Ukraine and the European Union, the CFTS portal reports, citing a Facebook post by Ukraine’s Mission to the European Union.

“Visa-free travel is working successfully. Citizens of Ukraine have made more than 33 million trips to the EU and the Schengen zone. In particular, more than 2 million Ukrainian citizens have benefited from the visa-free travel.

“These are phenomenal figures. The main thing is that with each trip, Ukrainian citizens are bringing home new knowledge and contacts that help the country make the processes of European integration irreversible,” the mission stated in the post.

On May 11, 2017, the Council of the European Union decided to abolish visas for citizens of Ukraine visiting 30 EU countries and the Schengen zone (excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland) for a maximum of 90 out of every 180 days. The decision entered into force on June 11.

“After two years, we are proud of the results, which have opened up completely new opportunities for Ukrainian citizens to travel, gain new knowledge, establish new contacts, and find friends. It is specifically because of its citizens that Ukraine has begun real integration into the European Union. No other development is possible without development of human contacts," the post states.