The Air Onix airline company has described as inaccurate the reports about possible return of two Boeing 737-500 aircraft to the leasing company because of debt. "If someone is engaging in wishful thinking by saying that we owe everyone and that everything is bad, then it is not true," the airline company’s Deputy General Director for Sales and Marketing Yevhen Khainatskyi told the Center for Transport Strategies.

He added that the delivery of a Boeing 737-400 aircraft at the end of August was the first phase of restructuring and renewal of the airline company’s fleet. "And the second phase is taking place now,” Khainatskyi said without providing details.

According to media reports, the leasing company International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) intends to recall two aircraft from Air Onix because of payment delays, as a result of which the airline company could lose half of its fleet.