The Air Onix airline company (Simferopol) asked the State Aviation Service to suspend all its flights for the next few months, the press service of the airline company has announced.

The airline company plans to resume flights in the spring. "From the spring of 2014, the airline company will resume the flights that were previously scheduled for the summer, flights on the traditional route Simferopol-Kiev-Simferopol and others, and it will also launch a new flight on the Donetsk-Tel Aviv-Donetsk route,” the press service said.

Air Onix promises to refund all passengers for unused tickets, adding that refunds will be made “as requests are processed."

The airline company will provide further details about its plans for the future after the New Year holidays.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Air Onix suspended flights on December 11 because of, among other things, its debt to airport ground handling companies. The airline company planned to resume Kiev-Simferopol flights on December 19 and later resume flights on its remaining routes, but it did not. The airline company later announced cancellation of flights.

The Air Onix airline company was founded in 2007. It performed its first flight on April 28, 2012. It is based at the Simferopol international airport. In the autumn, the airline company returned one Boeing 737-500 to the leasing company, with three aircraft (one Boeing 737-300, one Boeing 737-400, and one Boeing 737-500) remaining in its fleet. The airline company also said that it intended to add three airliners (a Boeing 737-400, a Boeing 737-300, and a Boeing 737-800) to its fleet for the 2014 summer season. At the same time, the total number of its aircraft will increase by only one because two Boeing 737-500 airplanes will be removed from the fleet.