The Allseeds company has received permission to construct the fourth phase of an oil extraction plant at the Yuzhny port, the press service of the company has announced.

The capacity of this phase of the plant is 2,000 tons of sunflower seeds, 1,500 tons of rapeseed, and 1,200 tons of soybeans per day. The plant will be located on the territory of the Kominternovsky district of the Odessa region, two kilometers into the road leading to the Yuzhny port.

According to the company, the total daily capacity of the oil extraction plant will be 4,000 tons of sunflower seeds, 3,000 tons of rapeseed, and 2,400 tons of soybean. According to the press service, construction of the plant will be the next step in the implementation of the strategy for development of the company, following the establishment of a trading network in 2010-2011, the organization of a scheme for processing customer-supplied raw materials at the plant in 2012, and the launch of a terminal for transshipment of vegetable oils at the Yuzhny port in 2013.

As reported, the Allseeds Black Sea terminal made its first shipment on 20 July 2013, when a consignment of 8,000 tons of unrefined sunflower oil intended for Italian customers was loaded onto the tanker MT Cevdet A.

The ceremonial opening of a terminal for transshipment, storage, and transportation of sunflower on the shores of the Lesser Ajalyk estuary at the Yuzhny port took place on 11 July. The capacity of the terminal is 42,000 tons of sunflower per month.