The Fyla bulk carrier loaded with 79,000 tons of thermal coal from South Africa arrived at the Yuzhny port on 6 February. The vessel moored at the port’s deep-water berth No. 6 at 17:00 on February 7, the press service of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority announced in a statement.

This is the second shipload of South African coal to arrive at the Yuzhny port for unloading. The first shipload of 168,000 tons arrived on the Bulk China bulk carrier on 5 December 2015.

The unloading of the Fyla bulk carrier began at 22:30 on 7 February. As of the morning of 8 February, 13,000 tons had been unloaded into a port warehouse. The average speed of unloading operations is 20,000 tons per day. The unloading of the coal is expected to be completed in four days.

Coal is being delivered based on a bilateral agreement between the Centrenergo power company and the trading company Mercuria Energy Trading SA (Switzerland), which was concluded in September 2015.

The coal will be overloaded into wagons and transported by rail to the Trypillia thermoelectric power plant. According to the thermoelectric power plant’s deputy director for economic security Kostiantyn Liubozhenko, this volume of coal is sufficient for about one month of uninterrupted operation of the power plant.

The 235-meter Fyla bulk carrier sails under the flag of Cyprus. It was built in 2013. It has a maximum draft of 14.7 meters and a deadweight of 84,000 tons.