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DTEK Energy Completes Test Deliveries Of 50,000 Tons Of Coal To Poland By Rail 20 May 2022

The possibility of regularly exporting energy is currently being considered.

Export Of Coal, Gasoline, And Diesel Fuel From Russia To Ukraine Will Require Russian Government Permits From June 1

Russia is imposing the latest round of trade sanctions on Ukraine.

Ukraine Imports Coal Worth USD 2.7 Billion Since Beginning Of 2018

Coal imports from Russia accounted for 62% of the total volume of imports and imports from the United States accounted for 30%.

Nibulon Begins Transporting Coal On River Dnipro

Nibulon’s vessels have already transported over 16,000 tons of coal

Yuzhny And Chornomorsk Ports To Handle 1.5 Million Tons Of Steam Coal For Centrenergo

The winner of the tender is expected to be determined on September 14.

Vessel Carrying 58,000 Tons Of Coking Coal From United States Docks At Chornomosrk Port

The vessel is expected to be processed at the rate of 15,000 tons per day.

Chornomorsk Port Receives First Vessel Carrying Coal From South Africa In 2017

The first bulk carrier to transport anthracite from South Africa arrived at the port in October 2014.

Latest Vessel Carrying DTEK’s Anthracite From South Africa Arrives At Yuzhny Port

The coal will be transported to the Prydniprovska and Kryvyi Rih thermal power plants.

200-Meter Bulk Carrier Being Loaded With Ukraine-Bound Coal In Baltimore

The vessel is being loaded at the speed of 5,000 tons per hour.

Third Bulk Carrier To Deliver South African Coal In 2017 Arrives In Yuzhny Port

The unloading scheme is working like a Swiss watch.

DTEK Explains Why Coal Is Being Shipped Along West African Coast, Not Via Suez Canal

Passage through the Suez Canal has its own shortcomings.

Centrenergo’s American Coal To Be Transported Through Yuzhny Port

The first vessel will deliver 85,000 tons of coal from the United States.

Second 1,000 Wagons Of South African Coal Sent From Yuzhny Port To DTEK’s Thermal Power Plants

The coal was sent to the Kryvyi Rih and Prydniprovska thermal power plants.

Yuzhny Port Expects To Receive Three Vessels Carrying Coal From South Africa Before September

More than 225,000 tons of coal will be sent to Ukrainian thermal power plants

One Region Accounts For Over 25% Of Goods Transported By Rail In Ukraine In 2016

Most of the shipped goods were iron ore, coal and building materials.

Lemtrans Reduces Cargo Transportation By 4.3% In January-September

Lemtrans transported 17.9 million tons of coal in the first nine months of 2016

Ukraine Will Not Need Coal From South Africa Until End Of Heating Season

Ukraine does not plan to buy coal from South Africa before the end of the current heating season. Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Volodymyr Demchyshyn announced this.

Another Bulker Carrying Coal Arrives At Yuzhny Port

The Fyla bulk carrier loaded with 79,000 tons of thermal coal from South Africa arrived at the Yuzhny port on 6 February. The vessel moored at the port’s deep-water berth No. 6 on 7 February.

Coal From South Africa Being Unloaded At Yuzhny Port

The state-owned Yuzhny port has achieved a record speed while processing the Bulk China vessel. The Bulk China vessel with a cargo of anthracite coal from South Africa was processed at a berth at the Yuzhny port in 57 hours.

Ship Carrying Coal From South Africa Approaching Ukraine

The coal is being delivered based on a direct bilateral agreement that was signed with the international trader Mercuria Energy Trading SA at the end of September 2015.

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