The staff of the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise has initiated a competition to name the new An-178 transport airplane. The competition will be held from 22 October to 19 December 2015, the press service of the enterprise said.

Under the terms of the competition, proposals can be sent to Antonov’s Facebook account.

The name that receives the most “likes” on the Facebook page will be selected. The authors of the top three names in the competition will receive prizes from Antonov.

As reported, the founder of the factory, Oleg Antonov, began the tradition of naming its aircraft. The names he gave his aircraft contained the first two letters of his surname (An). Thus, the An-2 aircraft was named “Annushka", the An-22 aircraft was named "Antei", the An-124 aircraft was name "Ruslan", and the An-225 aircraft was named "Mria".

However, Antonov aircraft are known by other names in NATO countries. The An-2 is known as “Colt”, the An-22 is known as “Cock”, the An-124 is known as “Condor”, and the An-225 is known as “Cossack”. These airplanes are considered transport aircraft in the American aircraft classification, which is why their NATO names begin with the capital letter "C", which denotes the word “Cargo”.